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Gratulerer Henrik fra DK - med din nye Ferrari !


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Modena, Italy July 30th, 2002- Henrik Nielsen never considered himself a particularly lucky person until this summer, when he received a call from the VIP division of Windows Casino informing him that his was chosen to win a Ferrari Modena sportscar. Henrik, a native of Denmark had only one request. He wanted his new dream car to be yellow.

Windows Casino gave away the most valuable promotional gift in online gambling history.

"I love to gamble. Where I live there aren't a lot of opportunities for casino gambling. I started playing online 3 years ago", told us Mr. Nielsen a 28 year old electrical engineer. Mr. Nielsen signed up at Windows Casino in September 2001. "I was looking for great bonuses and a reliable casino. I think I got $100 FREE at Windows when I signed up. I won, I lost and I won again. It is definitely one of the best casinos I've played. I think I still have a few dollars in my account", added the avid blackjack and video poker player.

Going from 0 to 100 in 4.6 seconds
Just like our Ferrari winner last year, Henrik Nielsen had a hard time believing that he just won a $250,000 car. He asked for an email verification to make sure that it wasn't a practical joke by his friends. The proud winner of our 2002 Ferrari had only thing to say when he realized that it was real: "WOW! I need to sit down".
He told Windows Casino that he will probably not sell his Toyota Corolla for a few more years. He'll just turn himself into a "speed-demon" on weekends and whenever he can take some time off. He also told us that he's hoping that the new car will improve his dating life. Since his girlfriend broke up with him in March, he's social life has been somewhat lukewarm. He told us that he already has several potential applicants for a week long road trip.

Windows Casino's grand prize is the largest promotional gift ever given to an online casino player. Windows Casino has been in business since June 2000. They're holding another drawing next summer, when Windows Casino celebrates its 3rd birthday.

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